Beer Classics

Spiegelau's Beer Classics Glasses Enhance Beer Drinking Pleasure Spiegelau, the world's oldest glass manufacturer, has introduced the new Beer Classics collection to enhance the pleasure of drinking fine beers. Made with Spiegelau's trademark qualities of design excellence and durability, the Beer Classics collection combines function and aesthetics as a welcome departure from the awkward, clunky glasses that proliferate in the marketplace.


Tall Pilsner Glass 425ml

Beer Connoisseur Set - Boxed Set of 4

Chateau Talll Pilsner 425ml  Boxed Set of 4

 Stemmed Pilnser Glass 440ml - Boxed Set of 4 (labelled 'Buy 3 get 4')

Product Codes: 

499 10 50

 499 16 94

499 29 90

499 13 84