Ernst Lechthaler, a renowned German barkeeper with international recognition, has assisted in the design of this range which results in a series of specialist glasses from 'Short' to 'XXL' made in Spiegelau's brilliant crystalline.

A range of quality tumblers featuring a solid glass base, strong sides and edge beveled rims.  Each glass can be stacked on on top of the other.


Classic Bar Softdrink (117mm, 285ml)

Classic Bar Mixdrink (135mm, 345ml)

Classic Bar Longdrink (155mm, 360ml)

Classic Bar Longdrink XL (165mm, 510ml)

Classic Bar Tumbler (94mm, 280ml)

Classic Bar Tumbler XL (107mm, 415ml)

Classic Bar Minidrink (112mm, 180ml)

Classic Bar Shot Glass (83mm, 55ml)