SPIEGELAU decanters & jugs

 Decanters & Carafes by Spiegelau let the wine breathe, enriching it with oxygen and thus allowing a full, elicit flavour.  In addition, they provide a wonderful presentation that harmoniously compliments your table setting.



Authentis Casual Entertaining Decanter (1400ml)

Authentis Decanter (1000ml)

Authentis Decanter (1500ml)

Berries Decanter (1000ml)

Carlo Decanter (1500ml)

Hybrid Decanter (1800ml)

Loop Decanter (1000ml)


Bacchus Jug (200ml)

Bacchus Jug (2000ml)

Bodega Jug (60ml)

Bodega Jug (100ml)

Bodega Jug (200ml)

Bodega Jug (1000ml)

Bodega Jug (1500ml)

Bodega Jug (2000ml)


Onda Decanter (750ml)

Origin Decanter (750ml)

Pisa Decanter (1000ml)

Red & White Decanter (1000ml)

Renaissance Decanter (1100ml)

Soiree Decanter (1000ml)

Tavola Decanter (500ml)

Toscana Decanter (1500ml)

Up & Down Decanter (750ml)

Vino Grande Jug (1250ml)

Vino Grande Decanter (1000ml)

Vino Grande Decanter (1500ml)

Vino Grande Decanter w Stopper (1000ml)

Willsberger Anniversary Decanter (750ml)


Other Decanters (images not shown)

Adina Decanter w Stopper (1000ml)

Angelo Decanter (1500ml)

Classic Bar Decanter (500ml)

Classic Bar Decanter (1000ml)

Balloon Decanter (1000ml)

Night & Day Decanter w Tumbler (1000ml)

Riva Decanter (1000ml)

Style Carafe (1000ml)