SPIEGELAU festival

FESTIVAL is a popular catering series which is very durable, extremely breakage resistant and dishwasher safe.  The design is defined by a harmonious coexistence of the elliptical shape and the classical burgundy shape. 


Festival Champagne Flute (224mm, 170ml)

Festival White Wine/Degustation Glass (203mm, 380ml)

Festival Red Wine Glass (198mm, 402ml)

Festival Burgundy Glass (214mm, 640ml)

Festival Bordeaux Glass (214mm, 456ml)


Festival Mineral Water Glass (137mm, 275ml)

Festival Beer Tulip (162mm, 400ml)

Festival On the Rocks (85mm, 320ml)

Festival Londrink (156mm, 350ml)

Festival Cognac Glass (402mm, 315ml)

Festival Digestive Glass (182mm, 135ml)

Festival Sherry Glass (182mm, 122ml)