les vignes de l'eglise



Vignes de L'Eglise wines are made by Matt Thomson and his colleague Graeme Paul at the excellent Cave de Pomérols co-operative, which has 1,650 hectares and 450 growers in the Picpoul de Pinet region.  Influenced by breezes off the Mediterranean coast, the area around Pomérols is cooler than much of the Languedoc.  This area benefits from a sunny, warm climate that encourages ripe flavours in the wines, while the coastal breezes help retain freshness and aromatics.  Each parcel of grapes is chosen individually, based on flavour and ripeness, to ensure that the flavours identified in the grapes are captured in the finished wine..



Les Vignes de L'Eglise Merlot Grenache IGP Pays d'Oc