ponte pietra



These wines are made by Matt Thomson at the Cantina di Monteforte.  Verona's 'Ponte Pietra' (stone bridge) dates back to Roman times, although vines have been planted on the hills outside of Verona for much longer than this bridge has spanned the Adige River.  The wines are fruit forward and expressive.

The Garganega grapes for this wine were grown on the hillside vineyards situated next to the Soave zone in the Val d'Alpone.  The vineyards have excellent south east exposure, with soils of volcanic origin.  The hillside sites give the fruit great concentration.  The Trebbiano is all Trebbiano di Soave from spalliera-trained vineyards, producing grapes with a lovely aromatic depth.



Ponte Pietra Trebbiano Garganega 2014