Real Compania de Vinos


There is a place where the sun illuminates a thousand different landscapes. Where each vineyard is unique and each day, a celebration. There is a country with an exciting way to celebrate life: with wine.

Real Compania de Vinos introduces you to Spain. A unique selection from different backgrounds, tastes, styles and grape varieties.

A collection of authentic wines, produced for a cosmopolitan consumer. A wine with a character full of soul, passion and pleasure. The confirmation that in Spain there is always much to discover and enjoy. 

Welcome to the place of life and delight!

Products and Tasting Notes:


2013 Blanco (Macabeo)

Medium bodied and pale yellow with a greenish hue, this wine is noted for its smoothness and fineness.With citrus recollections in its aroma, such as lemon or mango, and notes of pure and white flowers. An elegant palate presenting a touch of acidity.Very pleasing and suitable for all kinds of pasta dishes and fresh salads.Unrivalled when accompanying fish recipes and generally with the rich sea cuisine as a whole. 


2012 Tempranillo

Intense red cherry colour with violet hues insinuating youth. Intense fruit flavours reminiscent of red berries (blackberries, plums, ..), violets and liquorice. Good structure on the palate, well rounded, fruity sensation and long aftertaste.Combines well with all rice, pasta and meat. It is an ideal wine for aperitifs and tapas.